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Re-emergent Corridor Assistance (ReCAP)
The Re-emergent Corridor Assistance Program (ReCAP) provides financial assistance to encourage exterior investment and enhancement to commercial properties within certain areas of the City of Worthington. The program provides a mixture of grant funds and no-cost financing to building owners or commercial tenants to improve their building facades and surrounding streetscapes.

ReCAP is part of the City’s efforts to drive new job growth along the Huntley Road and Proprietors Road corridor, including the connecting portions of Worthington Galena Road and Schrock Road. This corridor’s commercial real estate is comprised primarily of industrial and warehousing space and was defined largely from the 1950s until 1980. As properties along this corridor are improved, the City desires continued attraction and retention of commercial renters and owners that provide employment in Worthington.

Worthington is known for appealing architecture and historic aesthetics, much of which derive from Worthington’s design review and approval of development along the High Street and Granville Road corridors. Other areas of the City, notably the Huntley Road and Proprietors Road corridor, are not subject to Worthington’s design standards. This program is intended to spur investment in the older properties in this corridor to enhance the attraction of employers to this important commercial area of Worthington.

The ReCAP program began in 2014 and twelve projects have received funding during the first three years of the program. The projects that have been funded are spread across the eligible area with seven of them located on Huntley Road, two located on Proprietors Road, two on Worthington Galena Road and one on Schrock Road.

After ReCAP

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 Before ReCAP

Award amounts have ranged from $5,000 up to the maximum allowed of $25,000. The City’s contribution has been matched at least one to one with private funding in each project.

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For more information, contact Economic Development Manager David McCorkle at or
(614) 436-4518.